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Lower Snake River Dam Breach Mitigation Plan and Cost 2020. 

Economic Anthology: A Collection of Works 1.28.2019

BPA’s 2018-2023 Strategic Plan 01.2018

FOIA request of costs on the Snake from 2012 – 2019

Northwest Resource Information Center’s Investigation of Waste of Federal Funds and Violations of Other Federal Laws by Bonneville Power Authority 2.26.2013

BPA’s response to Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers questions regarding spending on fish recovery and mitigation in the FCRPS  6.5.2017

BPA Financial Crisis 24.9.2018

Decommissioning Lower Snake River Dams Would Help Resolve BPA’s Financial Issues & Rising Rates  8.17.2017 or PDF by Jim Waddell & John Twa

Policy Considerations SUMMARY  6.22.17 or PDF

Policy Considerations SUMMARY 9.8.2016 or PDF

Policy Considerations for Breaching the Snake River Dams 8.30.2016

National Economic Analysis of the Four Lower Snake Dams by Earth Economics 2.22.2016

Regional Economic Dev Summary, Reevaluation, Lower Snake Dams 2.22.2016

Breach Plan-Estimate 2.21.2016 Jim Waddell

Cost of Dams, Rebuttal 7.29.2015

The Costs of Keeping the Four Lower Snake River Dams: A Reevaluation of the Lower Snake River Feasibility Report 7.28.2015

    Alt 3 Base Yr 2001 Costs 2001

   Alt 3 Base Yr 2001 and 2015 Costs 2015

   Alt 3 Base Yr 2015 Costs 2015

Lower Snake River Dam Alternative Power Costs by Rocky Mountain Econometrics 6.22.2015

Costs Analysis Chart: Operations, Maintenance & Repairs Vs. Breaching and Maintaining Recreation 1.1.2015

Commercial Navigation on the Lower Snake River: Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right by Jim Waddell 12.12.2014 Updated 1.15.2019


2020 State of the Snake January 2020.

2019 State of the Snake 1.28.2020

Environmental Anthology: A Collection of Works 1.28.2019

NOAA 2017 Endangered Species Act Recovery Plan – Page 241 discusses time and cost estimates.

Salmon Surrogate Study: inflated survival rates of Chinook due to increase in Hatchery output.

2010 Army Corps Adaptive Management Implementation plan – A plan for a plan for a plan to study dam breaching. Referenced in the state of the snake.

NOAA Fact Sheet: Saving Southern Resident Killer Whales 11.30.2018  & NOAA Fact Sheet: Southern Resident Killer Whales and West Coast Chinook Salmon (Rebuttal) 11.30.2018

Snake River Scorecard 3.25.2018

The 2017 “State of the Snake”  Updated 1.3.2018 or PDF

How are the Snake River Salmon and Steelhead Really Doing? 11.18.2016 John Twa, Chart 11.18.2016

The Vital Connection between the Endangered Orcas, Chinook Salmon & the Four Lower Snake River Dams 9.20.2016 or PDF

Cooling the Snake River Bullet Points Final 4.26.2016

NOAA Position Paper, re LSR Dams and SRKWs 3.16.2016 & Response to NOAA West Coast Region’s Position Paper entitled Southern Resident Killer Whales and Snake River Dams 4.14.2016

White Paper Southern Resident Killer Whales 2.24.2016

Estimation of a Killer Whale (Orcinus orca) Population’s Diet Using Sequencing Analysis of DNA from Feces 1.6.2016

Snake River Endangered Salmon White Paper 11.4.2015

Appendix 1 Fall Chinook Surrogates 11.4.2015

Sockeye adult fish passage and water temperature issues in the Columbia and Snake rivers 10.28.2015

Nez Perce Fish Management Plan 2013-2028

Claims of Sustained Peaking, Ramping, Reserve, Flexibility and Balancing Power from the lower Snake River Dams; What Is Feasible? Waddell et al.  April 2020 , updated Nov 2020

Fourteen Fatal Flaws of the of the Columbia River Systems Operations Draft Environmental Impact Statement by Jim and Nina April 2020.

Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee 2017  Resolution to breach the Dams

Policy & Implementation Anthology: A Collection of Works 1.28.2019

Jim Waddell’s Answer to OTF Snake River Breaching Webinar 9.27.18

Letter to Eastern Washington 8.2.2018

Controversy, Conflict and Compromise:  A History of the Lower Snake River Development (PDF – uploaded on 4.25.2018)

Irrigation Impacts of LSRD, Rob Sampson 9.5.2018

Poll on Washington Voter Views of Wild Salmon and Snake River Dams 3.28.2018

Five Means for Breaching 4 Lower Snake River Dams 9.19.2017 Jim Waddell | Updated 10.10.2018

A Case Study:  Ice Harbor Irrigation report by Earth Economics

A Snapshot of Snake River Irrigated Agriculture 10.24.2016 Earth Economics

Using the 2002 EIS to Breach the Dams 11.2.2016 or PDF

2002 Army Corps of Engineers Lower Snake River Feasibility Report/Environmental Impact Statement (FR/EIS): Walla Walla district is no longer allowing public viewing for this. Please click here for an online version of the FR/EIS

PNW Energy Oversupply Fact Sheet 10.14.2016 or PDF

Breach the Four Lower Snake River Dams event at Mt. Grant Preserve on San Juan Island 9.3.2016

Breach on Lower Granite Dam Summary 5.1.2016

Executive Branch Policy Rational for Breaching 2.23.2016 Jim Waddell

LSRD Public Outreach 6.1.2016

Recreational Benefits of Breaching the Four Lower Snake River Dams 11.2015