Most Requested

Debunking the propaganda around the value of the dams 2020 report “Claims of Sustained Peaking, Ramping, Reserve, Flexibility and Balancing Power from the lower Snake River Dams; What Is Feasible?”
Southern Resident Killer Whales & Columbia/Snake River Chinook: A review of the available scientific evidence February 2020
2020 Letter to Governor Inslee from Industry Experts
2019 “State of the Snake” The most updated data on Salmon Returns.
2015 Salmon White Paper – A case for breaching
Five Means Paper – A report on how quick and easy breaching can be accomplished
Army Corps of Engineers 2002 Environmental Impact Statement, Summary – Page 24 evaluates breaching as the best alternative to recover salmon.
2016 National Economic Analysis of the Four Lower Snake Dams by Earth Economics. This report shows the calculated cost-benefit ratio of a fifteen cent return for every dollar invested in the dams.


Breach the Lower Snake River Dams to save salmon, orcas, & money