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Change requires hard work, dedication, hope and vision. We need your help.
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Learn the Facts

Dam Breaching Essentials gets you started.

Check out a variety of video, audio, radio & music videos in the Multi-Media Menu.  If you’re just learning about the issues and haven’t yet heard Jim Waddell speak, don’t miss his 5.4.2016 video presentation there.

Write & Call To Your Representatives

Contact your elected representatives and federal agency officials and ask them to support  immediate breaching of the Lower Snake River dams.

Show Up at a Public Utility District Meeting

There is a good chance that where you live is powered by Bonneville Power Authority, the vendor of the hydroelectric power in the Columbia/Snake River system.  Public Utility Meetings are frequent and open to the public. Making a public comment will hold your elected commissioners accountable!

Attend an event

Register for the upcoming event “Methane emissions on the                    Lower Snake.” 

Show Up at a Rally

 https://marchforthedams.com/ will resume after covid-19 pandemic

Host a Screening

The easiest way to inform many people at once is to host a                        screening of Dammed to Extinction at your                                                            home/library/community center. Contact us for a copy and an                invitation to have a discussion afterward.

Sign the petition

Sign the Petition to Prevent Southern Resident Orcas from being Dammed to Extinction.


Checks addressed to Dam Sense can be mailed to:

289 Ocean Cove Lane Port Angeles WA 98363


We can’t do this without YOU.

Breach the Lower Snake River Dams to save salmon, orcas, & money