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Dam Breaching Essentials gets you started.

Check out a variety of video, audio, radio & music videos in the Multi-Media Menu.  If you’re just learning about the issues and haven’t yet heard Jim Waddell speak, don’t miss his 5.4.2016 video presentation there.

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Public demand for action is needed before change will come.  

Contact your elected representatives and federal agency officials and ask them to support breaching the Lower Snake River dams.  Lots of easy ways to connect at this link and a few talking points!

Speak up and demand change from your PUD if your own power rates and wild salmon are important to you.  Breaching the dams could actually help REDUCE the cost of power.

Tweet your support for dam breaching! It’s quick and easy. Our pre-packaged tweet sheets are quick!

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Sign the Petition to Prevent Southern Resident Orcas from being Dammed to Extinction


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Breach the Lower Snake River Dams to save Southern Resident Killer Whales