It’s time to speak up for salmon


speak up for salmonBPA has raised power rates 28% in the last eight years! They don’t want to recognize that breaching the four Lower Snake River dams will help REDUCE the cost of power. What’s worse is that the pro-dam lobby and sympathetic politicians in the Northwest have already convinced many Public Utilities in Washington & Oregon to support a radical and misguided House Resolution 3144 now being reviewed & evaluated in congress. Approval of HR 3144 would force administrators to keep the dams, regardless of the science. If your own power rates and wild salmon are important to you, you must ACT NOW.   

This is one of those times when public outcry can actually make an impact.

BPA rates are rapidly increasing and will continue to because of the under performing lower Snake River dams.

With mitigation costs in the billions, vastly more expensive rehabilitation cost on just 3 of the 24 turbines, court ordered spill that reduces power output along with the low seasonal flows that limit their output when demand is greatest, put these 4 dams in a league of losers that are draining funds from more beneficial BPA hydro projects and wasting wind power.

The Pacific Northwest region is energy rich. 

Currently there is a 16% surplus of energy.  Existing wind production is 3 times the average production of the LSR dams.