Vision Campaign

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(Painting by Sarah Moore Studio LLC)

What pushes us forward, what keeps the passion alive to push through the river of struggle and opportunity? Is it our love for the environment or is it our vision for the future of what we can restore and revive, or is it both? Here’s a vision we have for the Lower Snake River Valley with the dams breached, the salmon thriving, the valleys growing with rich land, vineyards, and a nourishing space for recreation for the communities surrounding the river. Breaching the Lower Snake River dams will breathe life back into the local economy by increasing both jobs, commerce, and tourism. The far reaching impacts are measurable in dollars, environmental improvements, and increased quality of life across the region. Keep the fish alive, keep the river alive, keep the land alive, keep your hope alive!

Keep the vision alive, the vision of a free flowing river where salmon are abundant, orcas are sustained, and land is restored, alive, and thriving with community,jobs, and adventure.