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Learn the Facts

Dam Breaching Essentials gets you started.

For more detailed information explore the Library’s Reports & Documentation and Letters of Record.

Videos & Audios

Whale Scout podcast with Jim Waddell,  An update on the lower Snake River dams. (~30m, begins at 6m 50s) 4.20.2017

Patagonia’s “Free the Snake” video provides a great overview of the biologic, economic, and cultural reasons why the four lower Snake River dams must be breached.  (7m)  6.28.16

KONP News Radio, On-Air Interview with Jim Waddell (17m) 3.2.2017   His talk begins about half way through this hour long program at the 28 min 30 sec mark.  Discussion about the four Lower Snake River Dams includes; the economics, benefits of a free flowing river, hydropower oversupply, navigation decline, costs of dam maintenance, fish mortality, regional leadership, endangered Southern Resident orcas and more!

KEXP Seattle, On-Air Interview with Jim Waddell (28m)  5.21.2016

Presenting the Case for Breaching the Corps’ Lower Snake River Dams  by Jim Waddell (52m).   Jim’s Presentation Slides and Lower Snake River SCORECARD handout. 5.4.2016

Take Action & Speak Up, It’s Easy!

URGENT Submit comments on record for the US Army Corps of Engineers Lower Granite Dam Master Plan.  The Corps is revising this plan just now and will collect public input through May 22nd 2017 (extended from April 22nd).  They need to hear that breaching the dams beginning this year is the only salmon recovery measure that will work and that is what the public expects.

Reach out to Elected Officials and Federal Agencies

Get contact information for your elected officials and ask them to support breaching LSR dams by connecting with the US Army Corps of Engineers Headquarters in Washington DC.

Tweet your support for dam breaching daily!  TweetSheets are designed to make tweeting so easy that many can be sent with a very short investment of your time.

Demand the US Army Corps of Engineers begin preparing for breaching immediately.

Sign Petitions

Public support in favor of breaching the four lower Snake River dams has reached a boiling point. In the past two years alone, an estimated 200,000+ people have signed petitions or emailed their elected officials.

Sign Petition to Prevent Southern Resident Orcas from being Dammed to Extinction

Sign Petition to Save Lolita’s (captive Southern Resident Orca) ‘Dammed Family’ Set the Water Free!

Follow the on-going CRSO / NEPA Process

In accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Reclamation, and Bonneville Power Administration, are preparing an environmental impact statement (EIS) on the Columbia River System operations and configurations for 14 federal projects in the interior Columbia Basin.  This includes the four lower Snake River dams.  The public comment period ended February 7th, 2017.  Comments solicited to help the agencies identify issues and concerns that could be analyzed in the EIS are available at the very bottom of this CRSO page.  CRSO’s planning process alone has a target completion date in 2021.  Key message to these agencies:  breach the LSR dams beginning 2017 because Snake River salmon and steelhead will not survive a 5 year or longer CRSO / NEPA processHere’s  more information about the process and how it relates to Snake River salmon and steelhead.


Donate to pay for 1) help from agricultural, recreational and transportation economists and fisheries biologists who will research and describe impacts, 2) travel to and from Washington DC for advocacy, and 3) near-term help to coordinate the work and multimedia communication campaign.  As the breaching work begins, government funding for dam maintenance & operations can be shifted to other far more beneficial water resource projects that add value to the Nation and are in need of funding.