SEATTLE TIMES runs full-page advertorial on Sunday January 7th 2018

NEWS FLASH!  NEWS FLASH!  NEWS FLASH! Please watch for this ad in the paper, learn something new, and share it with your friends, neighbors and relatives.  The message is a call-out to Senator Murray and Governor Inslee of Washington State informing...
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Letter to the Editor, Moscow-Pullman Daily News

December 14, 2017 According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, in the 1950s and 1960s, 40,000 B-run steelhead crossed the Washington Waterpower dam near the former Potlatch mill at Lewiston. Sawmill workers were known to catch steelhead on their...
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Audit: Port of Lewiston’s annual operating loss

Audit: Port of Lewiston’s annual operating loss tops $134,000 Entity’s net position rose to $24.8 million in fiscal year 2017 Lewiston Morning Tribune at lmtribune.com December 14, 2017 BY ELAINE WILLIAMS Tax dollars continue to be a key component...
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Feds unveil key road map for salmon recovery

NOAA recommends focusing on habitat and hatcheries; dam breaching possible future strategy Lewiston Morning Tribune at lmtribune.com December 13, 2017 By ERIC BARKER The federal government released in-depth recovery plans for Snake River spring and summer...
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The 2017 State of the Snake

In 2017 the fish returns at Lower Granite dam are down for all categories compared to both the 10 year average and 2016. A total of 142,527 salmon and steelhead returned to Lower Granite Dam in 2017, a 35% reduction from 2016, which followed a 33% reduction...
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A Huge Price to Pay

Lewiston Morning Tribune Letter to the Editor 12-10-17 A Huge Price to Pay Cole Riggers, responding to your recent letter in the Lewiston Tribune, are you blind to the costs you and other “captive shippers” impose on your neighbors, other...
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Farmers don’t need dams

Lewiston Morning Tribune Letter to the Editor November 28th, 2017 Farmers don’t need dams I often read barging wheat on the lower Snake River is critically important to maintaining wheat production in eastern Washington and north central Idaho....
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Salmon Survival Report: Smolt to Adult Returns

The Columbia Basin Bulletin: Weekly Fish and Wildlife News www.cbbulletin.com October 13, 2017 Issue No. 847 Draft Salmon Survival Report: Smolt To Adult Returns For Snake River Fish Remain Below NW Power/Conservation Council Goals The number of wild...
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2017 September Snake River fish return summary

Overall Chinook Returns as of 9/29/17: 2017:  53,044 2016:  103,355 10 year average:  106,942     Spring Chinook Returns 2017:  27,357 2016:  62,050 10 year average:  62,403     Summer Chinook Returns 2017:  8,952 2016:  12,110...
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Tragedy of the Snake River Commons

August 30, 2017   Tragedy of the Snake River Commons The law locks up both man and woman Who steals a goose from off the commons But let’s the greater felon loose Who steals the commons from the goose.                                ...
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