Lower Snake River:  Harvesting The Wind (27m 24s)

PSE’s newest and largest wind-power operation is the Lower Snake River Wind Facility. Located in Southeast Washington near Pomeroy, Garfield County, this energy project builds on the success of our Hopkins Ridge Wind Facility in adjacent Columbia County, and our Wild Horse Wind and Solar Facility in Kittitas County. Completed in early 2012, the Lower […]

Struggle for the Snake, 1971 (28m)

A fascinating look backward in time to understand why we ended up with four deadbeat dams on the Snake River; illuminating and revealing.  Although many fought to save and preserve the natural treasures of the region, many others fought to demonstrate engineering prowess while ignoring the consequences. Courtesy of the archives at Washington State University.

“Free the Snake:  Restoring America’s Greatest Salmon River” by Patagonia (7m 29s)

Patagonia video “Free the Snake:  Restoring America’s Greatest Salmon River” featuring Jim Waddell, lays out the reasons why the four lower Snake River dams must be breached. Nationwide screenings of Patagonia-produced documentary film DamNation have stirred spirits and educated a growing number of Americans, who see the film as a call to action. The film makes a convincing […]

Presenting the Case for Breaching the Corps’ Lower Snake River Dams (52m)

Jim Waddell lays out the entire case and urgency for breaching in this informative pre-packaged program.  Here’s a big opportunity for you to help; show the video at special interest group meetings, to your book club and to your friends!  THE GOAL:  increase call volume to elected officials by viewers compelled to act. Presentation Slides