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  • 2017… New year, new challenges
    In 2002, after conducting a seven year, $33 million dollar comprehensive study, the Army Corps of Engineers found that breaching the four lower Snake River dams had the highest probability of meeting the government’s salmon survival and recovery criteria....
  • The ‘prosperity’ from Lower Snake River dams
    Opinion piece in the Moscow/Pullman Daily News His View: The ‘prosperity’ from Lower Snake River dams By Linwood Laughy Nov 7, 2016  In 1973 residents of Idaho’s Clearwater Valley were told their prospects for prosperity rose with each...
  • Let’s take advantage of a fleeting opportunity
    The recent election has emboldened many who believe in big dam thinking, continuance of fossil fuel and dirty energy source exploitation. Visible push back from some elected officials, some press and some editorials in dam country is emerging with a vengeance....
  • A message from Jim Waddell about the 2016 election results… and endangered salmon and orcas
    Given last night’s election results many of you may have laid down arms and think it is all over for getting these dams down. Trump as president was not an unforeseen obstacle although it certainly makes it tougher. But let’s keep our eyes on the...
  • Getting the word out about the critical relationship between orcas and dams
    As you all know by now, the death of J28 Polaris has been announced by the Center for Whale Research and the probable death of J54 Dipper is nearly certain. For such a solemn announcement, it was important to have a large number of press to understand...