Executive Branch Letters

Note:  If a letter refers to an attachment, the attachment will be found in the Library.

Joyce D Parks to Mindy Simmons US Army Corps urging immediate use of 2002 EIS to begin dam breaching 1.4.2018

Joyce D Parks Letter to Anne Cann, US Army Corps encouraging LTG Semonite, the Environmental Advisory Board and Corps leadership to take immediate action using 2002 EIS 1.2.2018

Joyce D Parks to President Trump requesting Executive Order to Breach the Dams 1.1.2018

Jo-Ellen Darcy, Asst Secretary of the Army to James Waddell, page 3 2.23.2017

Sharon Grace to Chris Yates, NOAA Assistant Regional Administrator 12.20.2016 or PDF

Jim Waddell to Lieutenant General Todd Semonite, US Army Corps of Engineers 6.17.2016 and links to supporting documents

Sharon Grace/Jim Waddell to Jo-Ellen Darcy, Asst Secretary of the Army; re Court Decision 5.11.2016

Balcomb/Berta/Grace/Waddell to Kathryn D. Sullivan, Undersecretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere Administrator NOAA 4.14.2016

Jim Waddell to President Barack Obama Ltr, V3.1  email 3.4.2016

Sharon Grace/Jim Waddell to Jo-Ellen Darcy, Asst Secretary of the Army  V3.1 2.23.2016

Carl Christianson/Jim Waddell to Eileen Sobeck, Assistant Administrator, NOAA Fisheries; Recovering Federally Endangered Snake river Salmon and Steelhead 11.3.2015

Group to Lt. Col. Timothy Vail, Commander, USACE Walla Walla District 10.21.2015
Group to Bostic re Vail Follow Up Letter12.21.2015

Hansen/Waddell/Weiss/Wieland to President Barack Obama; Recovering Federally Endangered Killer Whales 5.27.2015

Maxine Waddell to Michelle Obama; Recovering Endangered Species by breaching lower Snake dams 5.2015

Thomas O’Keefe, American Whitewater to President Barack Obama 4.28.2015

Kevin Lewis, Iaho Rivers United to President Barack Obama 4.23.2015

Group to Jo-Ellen Darcy, Asst Secretary of the Army; Recovering Federally Endangered Killer Whales by breaching the lower Snake dams 1.24.2015 also sent to Patty Murray, U.S. Senate 2015

Jim Waddell to Jo-Ellen Darcy, Asst Secretary of the Army 10.9.2014

Jim Waddell comments to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Waterway Users Advisory Board 4.14.2014

Jim Waddell to Jo-Ellen Darcy, Assist Secretary of the Army 9.13.2013

Jo-Ellen Darcy to Jim Waddell Response 12.12.2013

Working to breach Lower Snake River dams to save millions of tax dollars annually, bring wealth & jobs to a region and restore salmon runs which will increase prey availability for southern resident orcas.