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A 5 Year or longer NEPA Process 




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The NEPA process now underway is expensive and unnecessary when it comes to the lower Snake River dams, since the existing 2002 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the dams already contains a breaching option. This EIS took 7 years to complete and cost $33 million. The EIS, currently used to operate the dams, concluded that dam breaching is the best way to recover Snake River salmon, a conclusion that remains valid today. The Corps can take an Emergency Response Action to begin breaching in early 2017. For these 4 dams, using the 2002 EIS will eliminate a 5-year study delay and save millions. Federal agencies can then address the rest of the Columbia River system.

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Working to breach Lower Snake River dams to save millions of tax dollars annually, bring wealth & jobs to a region and restore salmon runs which will increase prey availability for southern resident orcas.