Congressional Letters

Note:  If a letter refers to an attachment, the attachment will be found in the Library.

Joyce D Parks to Alaska’s US Congress Murkowski, Sullivan & Young 4.24.2018 or PDF

Jim Waddell to the office of Washington Representative Dan Newhouse 4.2.2018 or PDF

Gary Lane & Group (small businesses of Riggins ID) to Idaho Senator James Risch  4.12.2017

Howard Garret, Orca Network to Governor Jay Inslee 11.2.2016

Howard Garrett, Orca Network to The Honorable Patty Murray 11.2.2016

Howard Garrett, Orca Network to The Honorable Maria Cantwell 11.2.2016

Group of Scientists to Senator Patty Murray, SRKW CSI Scientist’s Letter 1.24.2015 In addition, this letter personally addressed  and hand delivered to the following DC offices by Jim Waddell and Jenna Ziogas;  Maria Cantwell, Mike Crapo, Jo-Ellen Darcy, Susan Delbene, Eric Hansen, Derek Kilmer, Rick Larson, Rodger McMorris, Jeff Merkley, Dan Newhouse, David Reichert, Adam Smith, Ron Wyden, ASA(CW), CEQ and the Secretary of the Interior.

Carl Christianson/Jim Waddell to Senator Murray 11.3.2015

Working to breach Lower Snake River dams to save millions of tax dollars annually, bring wealth & jobs to a region and restore salmon runs which will increase prey availability for southern resident orcas.