Change The Vision

Many people envision a healthy, free-flowing lower Snake River that, in its natural state, will yield abundance for all.

Fish will return to thousands of miles of habitat and reestablish a salmon stronghold to help iconic species survive climate change. This will generate thriving commercial, sport and tribal fisheries and help sustain an ecosystem that depends on salmon. Recreation opportunities will increase dramatically and create jobs that directly benefit local economies. The four lower Snake River dams stand in the way of this future.

The dams are aging, and escalating costs of necessary maintenance—paid for with tax and rate payer dollars—are stressing already-tight federal agency budgets. Freight transportation has declined drastically as the combination of trucks and railways have become more efficient than trucks and barging. The dams produce hydropower at a fraction of their capacity, and affordable replacement options are already in place, or readily available. The dams do not provide flood protection or any meaningful amount of irrigation.

The facts are clear: breaching the four lower Snake River dams now makes Dam Sense. This website was established to provide the truth about these dams and to help us all imagine a brighter future filled with vibrant local economies, abundant fishable wild salmon and steelhead, less taxpayer waste and responsible government stewardship of our resources.