Biologic Reports

Full documents and reports are available below.  For a quick-reference to summary documents, try Key Concerns and Facts.

The 2017 “State of the Snake”  Updated 1.3.2018 or PDF

How are the Snake River Salmon and Steelhead Really Doing? 11.18.2016 John Twa, Chart 11.18.2016

The Vital Connection between the Endangered Orcas, Chinook Salmon & the Four Lower Snake River Dams 9.20.2016 or PDF

Cooling the Snake River Bullet Points Final 4.26.2016

Response to NOAA West Coast Region’s Position Paper entitled Southern Resident Killer Whales and Snake River Dams 4.14.2016

NOAA Position Paper, re LSR Dams and SRKWs 3.16.2016

White Paper Southern Resident Killer Whales 2.24.2016

Estimation of a Killer Whale (Orcinus orca) Population’s Diet Using Sequencing Analysis of DNA from Feces 1.6.2016

Snake River Endangered Salmon White Paper 11.4.2015

The Case against Breaching, John McKern Letter to Lt Col Vail USACE  1.4.2016

The Case for Breaching, Reply to John McKern 2.18.2016 Sharon Grace & Jim Waddell

Appendix 1 Fall Chinook Surrogates 11.4.2015

Sockeye adult fish passage and water temperature issues in the Columbia and Snake rivers 10.28.2015

DOE combined files 2.26.2013

Nez Perce Fish Management Plan 2013-2028

Working to breach Lower Snake River dams to save millions of tax dollars annually, bring wealth & jobs to a region and restore salmon runs which will increase prey availability for southern resident orcas.