Pacific Northwest Energy Oversupply Fact Sheet

Decommissioning the Lower Snake River Dams Would Help Resolve the Energy Oversupply Problem In the Pacific Northwest and Save Wild Salmon from Extinction Read more here: PDF version Mobile version
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Recent comments from Howard Garrett

Recent comments from Howard Garrett…here’s how this rose-tinted promotional hype below severely impacts the prospects for recovery of Southern Residents. The urgent need right now is for executive action to begin removal of the 4 lower Snake River...
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Announcement of Columbia River Basin Scoping Process for New EIS

On Friday, September 30th, 2016, the Federal government announced the schedule for the upcoming scoping process for a new Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for 14 dams in the Columbia River Basin. While it is important during this process for citizens...
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Scientists just confirmed a key new source of greenhouse gases

Read more about a forthcoming report on reservoirs contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. Read a DOE report about methane emissions from one of the four lower Snake River dams. Even with this scientific evidence, Bonneville Power Administration and...
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World Premier of Let the River Run Free by Bruce Coughlan

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A new paper making the connection between Endangered Orcas, Chinook Salmon, and the Four Lower Snake River Dams

A paper written by the Southern Resident Killer Whale Chinook Salmon Initiative makes the vital connection between the Four Lower Snake River Dams and Endangered Orcas.  Read the PDF version here.  Read the mobile device friendly version here.
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It has become clear that our elected representatives in the Northwest are not doing all they can to save the salmon and orcas that we all love and cherish.  We’ve asked them time and again to contact the Army Corps of Engineers in DC and request that...
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Immediate Action Required for Southern Resident Killer Whales

Decision makers with the federal and state government currently face a crucial judgment call. Without immediate intervention, the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whale population almost certainly will disappear. Over one hundred other animal species...
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Big THANKS to those who showed up for the rally on Mt. Grant!

What a stunning morning it was! Great work by those who showed up for the rally on Mt Grant; connecting directly with Governor Inslee and engaging him in meaningful conversation about dam breaching. Thanks to everyone who took the time to go! Get the...
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Update on 9/3/16 San Juan Island Rally

SAN JUAN ISLANDERS updated: please join RALLY to show Governor INSLEE the four Lower Snake River dams must be breached now. You can make a difference! Meet SATURDAY 9/3 @ 8:30am at Mt Grant. He will be there too and needs to know we care about the orcas’...
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