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The Southern Resident Killer Whale Population is Dying

If this headline startles you, it should. Washington state is losing its resident orca pod. And government agencies are using your tax money to do it. An excellent piece by Elizabeth Batt on the current situation in the Salish Sea.
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A plea for help

ALL CALL…You all know the somber and sobering future facing salmon and orcas. You’ve read the articles, you’ve come up to speed on the issues and now it’s time to put that knowledge to work. Someone among our expanding team of followers may be...
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Two upcoming presentations in Idaho

Jim Waddell will be presenting the case for breaching the 4 lower Snake River Dams on July 31 and August 1 in Idaho.  Find out more about the McCall event here.  Find out more about the Hailey event here.
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Dam-managing agencies won’t do the right thing for Snake River dams

Anyone who believes our dam-managing agencies can do the right thing when it comes to salmon recovery is kidding themselves.
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Salmon and Orcas are not doing well this year

The fewest number of whale sightings since the 1970’s in Puget Sound have occurred this year.  Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife officials admit that the orca’s food source, Chinook salmon, are not doing well this year, populations...
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Judge: Salmon recovery requires big dam changes on Snake River

May 4, 2016 Seattle Times For the fifth time, a federal judge has called for an overhaul of Columbia and Snake River dam operations to preserve salmon and steelhead. In his ruling, he urged renewed consideration of Lower Snake River dam removal. A federal...
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Letter: Remove dams to save salmon, orca

Published on Thursday, April 28 2016 Capitalism frequently grapples with saving money over saving nature, but what if one choice could be fiscally and environmentally responsible? Our region faces such a solution. The Snake River, which...
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Attend the May 4th Town Hall Seattle event Killer Whales, Salmon, Taxes, and LSR Dams, The Last Best Chance for Salmon!

Click here for Town Hall Seattle event on May 4th 2016:  Killer Whales, Salmon, Taxes, and LSR Dams, The Last Best Chance for Salmon.  If you haven’t already seen the documentary film Dam Nation with its’ majestic cinematography and unexpected...
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Lower Snake dams’ benefit-cost ratio well below positive return on investment

A new report published by Earth Economics pegs the four lower Snake River dams’ benefit-cost ratio at 0.15.  Read the press release here. Link to the reports below. National Economic Analysis of the Four Lower Snake River Dams Regional Economic...
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